Author: dmitry

Easiest OS X VNC Client

Hey guys, not a long post today, but thought I’d throw out an easy little tip. I was installing some KVM guests on a CentOS 6.5 storage server and needed a VNC client for my OS X desktop. Found something neat that some of you may already know, but if not, it’s pretty cool.

Permanently Disable iTunes on OS X

So this isn’t really the normal theme for my articles. However I’ve reloaded the OS on my MacBook Pro the other day, because my factory hard drive died within 8 months of buying the MacBook. I replaced it with a 256GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD and reloaded the OS via net-install (Apple+R on boot.) About

suPHP on CentOS 6 from Source Code

So you’ve decided that you must run php as suPHP on your CentOS 6 based LAMP stack. This is a great idea for security on a multi-site or multi-user environment. Of course management panels like cPanel make running suPHP very easy, but what about the rest of us? Many of us do not use cPanel,