Back to WordPress or “What happened to this site?”

I’ve decided to stop using the previous template system based on Smarty and Bootstrap. Instead I just went back to WordPress as it’s a lot easier to use. I’m playing around with the theme now and will re-populate the original content from the custom site. I am also exploring some of the caching and content plugins.

Time for WordPress plugins!

I’m using W3 Total Cache for performance. I also setup Yoast SEO to improve the performance of my posts. I’m also using Jetpack, which is pretty standard. If you know any awesome plugins I should check out, keeping in mind this is a simple blog, give me a ping. I’m always interested in trying out new technology.

Where are the YouTube updates?

Working on a longer video right now. Should have several stories and I think you guys will enjoy it. I don’t think I can realistically produce tons of regular content, so I’ll be doing longer multi-segment videos. I fix my buddy’s paint, pick up race gas, and test out a new dash cam. Should be on my channel sometime this week!

What’s next for your Mustang?

Suspension work and a square wheel setup. I can’t stand the staggered crap and not being able to rotate tires. With this much horsepower it’s crazy not to rotate and it’s much harder to piece together a sticky set of tires with two different sizes. You get way less options of tires! Of course staggered setups are a bit user friendlier as they tend to understeer, so I get why Ford did this.

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