Disable Touchpad Pinch to Zoom on Windows 10

I’ve been going nuts with my new Lenovo Yoga 920 latop due to the touch pad zoom sensitivity. I love the laptop but every time I’m scrolling a page the page zooms in and out like crazy. I kept reading online that there is a Device Settings tab in the additional mouse settings panel, but my copy of Windows 10 Pro with latest patches did not have such a tab.

Instead I found you could open the registry editor and navigate to:


Once there look for the ZoomEnabled REG_DWORD and change it from 1 to 0.

Disable Pinch to Zoom
Disable Pinch to Zoom

You may or may not need to reboot, but pinch to zoom will be gone. Some users may like pinch to zoom, and on MacBooks I found it usable, but the Lenovo Yoga 920 was just way too sensitive to multi-touch pinch gestures.

NOTE: This will NOT disable pinch to zoom on your touch screen, which I like. If I need to pinch to zoom I just use the touch screen.

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