Dream Garage

This page is dedicated to the dream garage build I started in 2017. Major project work for this garage has been completed. I’m now looking to finish my flooring and start working on new car projects.

Dream Garage Features

Here are the major features of this garage.
FeatureMake & ModelDescription
Car LiftBendPak GrandPrix GP-7LCSThis excellent lift from BendPak is only 8ft 10" and can fit in ceilings as low as 9ft. The build quality is excellent and it can hold 7,000lbs.
HVACMRCOOL DIY Generation 2 24,000 BTU (2 Refrigeration Ton)This 24k BTU air conditioner is a mini split heat pump unit and is able to cool and heat the garage.
Cabinets2x Saber Base Cabinet Assembled
1x Saber Stainless Steel Work Top
1x Saber Wide Storage Cabinet
I love these cabinets from Saber. They're really sturdy and are pretty simple to install and hang if you're relatively handy. I did these myself alone and it wasn't too bad if you work smart.
TIG WelderAHP AlphaTIG 200XI'm new to TIG welding, but comparing it to welders in my class I think it's a really capable unit for the price point.
Tool ChestMilwaukee 48-22-8546This huge 46" toolbox features 18 drawers with soft close. It's an absolute pleasure to use.
LED FixturesMaxlite LSS2XT8USE4803 75303This is a really low cost direct wire LED fixture that holds two LED tubes. It works only with high voltage direct wire LEDs, it does not have a ballast.
LED TubesLEDTB4F1000037558-4000KThis LED tube is a T8 which consumes 22 watts. It's designed to be used direct wire to high voltage non-ballasted fixtures. Each tube has a whopping 2640 lumens!


I love wrenching on cars at home and I always have at least one build in progress. Like other car guys I discovered quickly just how satisfying and painful working on cars at home can be. The sense of accomplishment from the whine of a newly installed supercharger is totally worth the hours spent in the heat messing around with jack stands. Ever since my first car repairs in my parent’s driveway I’ve dreamed of a comfortable garage with professional tools and amenities.

I kept working on cars in apartment parking lots and later in my first garage. Then in the summer of 2017 I was lucky enough to find an affordable house with a large garage that was partitioned into separate rooms. It needed some work to make it more practical for my needs, but it would serve as the foundation for my dream garage. I couldn’t be more excited to start!

Next I used Live Home 3D to design my garage inside this modeling software and re-design it to match my vision for the space.

As you can see the final results above look a lot like what I designed. There are a few changes, but most major items worked out as designed!

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